Rolf Structural Integration (commonly called "Rolfing") is a sophisticated study into how we can enhance the whole person by
realigning the body in gravity. First developed by Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1950s, it can be both profound and highly effective. Since her
death in 1979, Structural Integration has continued to evolve, now with thousands of practitioners around the world.

Our bodies must constantly deal with gravity like any other material structure and when we are out of balance, gravity drags us
down. Whether from poor posture, injury, illness or emotional distress, an unbalanced body is at war with itself and with gravity.
Fascia, the body's complex web of connective tissue, shortens and thickens to shore us up against gravity's ever-present

ROLF BODYWORK is a hands-on therapy that uses slow, sustained pressure and guided movements to release these patterns of
strain within fascia. By gradually softening and lengthening this connective tissue that relates bones, muscles, joints and organs to
one another, the body is allowed to realign itself more efficiently with gravity.

In ROLF MOVEMENT the client gets to explore fundamental patterns that allow action to become more efficient and expressive.
Together, this structural and movement integration can bring about changes that are lasting and effectively reduce chronic pain
and stress, enhance balance, and refine coordination.

Rolfing aims primarily at organizing and balancing the body as a whole, not relief of symptoms. However, it often does benefit:

*  Back Pain
*  Pelvic & Hip pain
*  Neck & Shoulder pain
*  TMJ
*  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
*  Repetitive Strain Injuries
*  Injury Rehabilitation
*  Postural Alignment
*  Balance
*  Flexibility
*  Athletic Performance

The traditional format for Rolfing is a series of 10 sessions. These each last about 90 minutes and are scheduled one or two
weeks apart. This allows the client and practitioner to move together through the whole body and address individual restrictions in
a gradual and systematic way.
 Please note shorter programs or individual sessions are also available.

My standard rate per Rolfing session is $120 (cash or check preferred). Other rates may apply in special circumstances, such as
outcalls or mini-sessions. Also, I do reserve a few places at reduced rates for students and other low-income clients.

free consultation (about 30 minutes) is available if you're curious about the work and want to see if it may be right for you..
Revised 10/1/2014
Learn about Rolfing® Structural Integration & Rolf Movement® Therapy!
If you can imagine how it feels to live
in a body that is fluid, light, and balanced,
free of pain, stiffness and chronic stress,
at ease with yourself and the forces of gravity,
then you understand the goals and benefits of Rolfing!
Thanks for your interest in Rolfing!
I welcome any questions that you have about it
or how it might serve you!
~John Michael Doyle
Certified Advanced Rolfer @ 925-788-9843
@ Rolfing® Bodyworks of Contra Costa
1924B Oak Park Blvd., Pleasant Hill CA 94523
Certified Advanced Rolfer & Rolf Movement Practitioner
    & International Association of  Structural Integrators (IASI)
John Michael Doyle