Rolfing's approach to
Structural Integration is based on:

Principles of Intervention that allow the practitioner to develop strategies of
intervention that recognize the unique needs of the client and guide work outside a
basic 10-session series when appropriate.

Gentle Techniques that allow more profound results with less discomfort for
the client ~  nothing is forced. Skillful Rolfing should never feel sharply painful or

Joint Mobilization Techniques to release restrictions in joint motion that
impede the whole body organization.

Personal Experience refers to the holistic approach of Rolfing and its
recognition that this work impacts the whole person. It is fundamentally
"client-centered," aiming for greater ease of effort, self-organization and adaptive
capacity within each individual.

This involves a unique blending of functional and structural approaches. Unlike
massage, Rolfing is very much a participatory and educational process. It is
concerned as much with how people experience and use their bodies, as with their
structural organization in gravity.
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