John Michael Doyle:
"Exploring the human body in motion and how to encourage our
experience of its grace and balance has been my passion for over 30

Originally from Canada, I majored in Philosophy at the  University of
Toronto and went on to do graduate studies in Philosophy and History of
Science at Oxford University in England.

I came to the Bay Area  to pursue my interest in Hatha Yoga (Iyengar style),
martial arts (Yang style Tai Chi Chuan) and dance (primarily postmodern,
contact improvisation, mask dance and butoh). I taught yoga and dance,
and have been a frequent performer since 1988. Dance remains a
fundamental means of self-exploration and self-expression for me,
especially the 5 Rhythms approach developed by Gabrielle Roth.  

I also enjoy travel, hiking, cross-country skiing, and working out at the
gym. More recently I have become an enthusiastic golfer, as well as
reconnecting with Tai Chi.

I was first certified in Swedish/Esalen massage through the San Francisco
School of Massage in 1985 and went on to study other modalities,
including: Acupressure (at the Acupressure Institute), Polarity Therapy
(with Alan Seigel), Jin Shin  Do, Breema Shiatsu (with Nadine Kachur),
Trager (with Janet Macleod),
Rosen Method Bodywork (with Gloria
Hesselund and Marion Rosen). In 2004 I passed the NCTMB exam,
becoming nationally certified in massage therapy.

My approach to bodywork has often been eclectic, incorporating at times
the receptive energy balancing of Jin Shin Do, the rocking motions of
Trager, and the more psychological approach of Rosen Method, listening
deeply with my hands and following the client's breath. It has also been
shaped very much by
Continuum Movement meditation, which has led me
to become more sensitive to inner and intrinsic movement, as well as the
power of wave motion, breath and sound to transform what we tend to
think of as fixed structures.

My focus has always been on the human body as a whole and how best to
work through its structures to recover from injury, restore balance, and
enliven self-expression. This eventually led me to begin the
Rolf Institute
training in 2002, becoming certified in Structural Integration and Rolf
Movement in 2004, as well as by the Certification Board for Structural
Integration in 2007. I became a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ 2008.

I am also a member of professional organizations such as:
Association of Massage & Bodywork Professionals (ABMP)
International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI)
Int. Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association (ISMETA).

I'm dedicated to extending my understanding and skills in Manual Therapy
and my continuing education has included:
  • Spinal Rotations and Scoliosis
        (w/ Rolfers Jan Sultan & Michael Salveson)
  • Manual Management of Pain (with Barrett Dorko, P.T.)
  • Neurology of Posture (w/ Don Hazen, D.C.)
  • Biomechanics of Alignment (w/ Liz Gaggini)
  • Myofascial Release (w/ Teresa Schmidt, P.T.)
  • CranioSacral Therapy I (w/ Ingrid Bacci)
  • Advanced Rolfer Certification
    (w/Michael Salveson & Carol Agneesens)
  • Neuromuscular & Muscle Energy Techniques
         (w/ Teresa Schmidt, P.T.)

Since 2008, I've been teaching Experiential Anatomy in the
Advanced Bodywork Therapist program at
San Francisco School of
Massage and love sharing an integrative approach to the body!