is an on-going process of forming, coordinating or blending into a functioning and
unified whole. This occurs on many levels ~ physical, emotional, mental, and
spiritual ~ each of which are interwoven. This process is what I call this "
into balance
. . ."

My own focus now in doing bodywork is primarily on the structural and
biomechanical aspects of this process ~ I work to release specific patterns of
strain in muscles, joints and their connective tissue so that you can move with
greater ease and freedom. That said, I am guided it this by striving to see each body
as a whole and appreciating how it can more fully expresses that individual.

"In the world of living things, every system can be more or less real, more true to
itself or less true to itself. It cannot become more true to itself by copying any
externally imposed criterion of what it ought to be. This oneness, or lack of it, is the
fundamental quality of a thing. Whether it is in a poem, or a person, or in a building
full of people, or in a forest, or a city, everything that matters stems from it. It
embodies everything."  
~ Christopher Alexander,
A Timeless Way of Being

As we move more into greater harmony with our spinal axis and midline, it
becomes easier to connect with what
Antero Ali has called "vertical sources"
above and below us. We may feel more stable and grounded, and at the same time,
lighter and more uplifted...From this strong and centered core, it becomes possible
to relate more authentically to others we meet on the "horizontal plane."

Ultimately, my goal is to help you feel more "at home" in your body,  better able to
fulfill your potential and live in ways that are more balanced, graceful and
self-expressive . . .

As my Yoga teacher,
Jean Couch, expressed many years ago:
"May your feet be supple
to feel the earth beneath you...
May your legs be strong
to take you where you need to go . . .
May your back be flexible
to support you in all that you do . . .
May your arms and hands be free
to express all that you are . . .
May your heart be open
so you can love and be loved . . .
May your voice be clear
so you can speak your truth . . .
May your eyes and ears be alert
so you can recognize the truth of others . . ."