Foot Hinging & Rotations
This is a movement sequences for feet & lower legs that Ida Rolf got from Mme.
Mensendieck; it's the pedal equivalent of the leg rotations, and starts in the same

Sit on the floor with your back against the wall and your legs straight in front of
you, feet resting on the centers of the heels with the inner ankle bones (malleoi)
horizontal to each other.

Point toes down (distal).

Point whole foot down.

Toes back toward your head.

Lengthen the backs of your legs to let the heel out long so the foot points back
toward your head.

Check the arches and make sure they're aligned (even on both feet).

Toes still up, come down with the ball of the foot.

Release toes, let feet fall apart.

Repeat 3X.

Besides this basic version, the sequence can also be done lying down.  Some
people do it sitting in a chair, starting with the feet flat on the floor; that's good for
people who already have working arches and want further improvement in

Another version can be done sitting against a wall with knees bent and feet on
the floor near the buttocks.