"The 10-Series"
I often work outside this format, depending on the needs and wishes of the
client, but Rolfing therapy is traditionally done as a series of ten sessions.
These are usually spaced one or two weeks apart (or more, depending on
circumstances). Each session has a particular theme or territory, although
how this is approached will vary with each client.

Sessions 1-3 cover the outer or more "superficial" layers of the whole

Session 1 addresses the capacity for breath within the trunk, as well as
the relationship between the pelvis and shoulders.

Session 2 centers on our sense of connection and support through the
feet and lower legs.

Session 3 works up the outsides of the body, encouraging more  depth
and relatedness between front and back.

After these first three sessions is a good time to determine how the
client's goals are being met and whether to continue with the series.

Sessions 4-7 go on to work deeper layers & are know as "core" sessions.

* Session 4 traces an inner line up the legs to the pelvis.

* Session 5 and 6 carry this first up the front and back of the trunk.

* Session 7 aims to center the neck and head over this core space.

Sessions 8-10 are know as primarily "integration" sessions, where all the
body "parts" are connected to one another through basic movements and
more coordination is fostered for the client in their daily activities.

The "10-Series" is an especially powerful way to address the client's body
as a whole system because it is both gradual and progressive.

However, please note that
I do individual sessions "outside" the traditional
series if the client has specific issues and for some reason cannot commit
to that process.
I also see clients who have gone through the 10-Series
already and wish to return for further work or a "tune-up."

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have about the process!

You can find an excellent description of the 10-Series in Rolfing at Bethany
Ward's website: